Thursday 15 March 2012

Renew anti-virus with massive discounts

I've noticed that it's very easy to save a lot of money when renewing anti-virus software.

Earlier today I renewed my home anti-virus product of choice. Instead of £30 it cost me less than £10. I didn't use any illegal cracking techniques or serial code generators. Here's how you can save money too...

If you follow the usual instructions or procedures provided by the vendor, such as clicking a 'Renew' button and entering credit card details into the official website, you'll end up spending the maximum amount of money. Don't do this.

You could simply re-buy the software from an online store like Amazon, and you'll usually get a reasonable discount, perhaps 20 per cent off. You can even find good deals in the remaining high street shops. If you see a good deal then this is a risk-free approach.

However, the really killer deals become available when you realise that most of the popular vendors allow you to upgrade from one version to another for free, as long as you have a valid license. This is what I do.

In many cases you can buy last year's version of the software and use the license key to renew the current version. You can find discounts of 60 per cent or more.

Let's say that your licence for Acme Internet Security 2012 is about to elapse. You could:

  1. Renew using the official route. This would cost £24.99.
  2. Buy a boxed version of Acme Internet Security 2012 from Amazon and type in the license code. This costs £19.99 (20% discount) .
  3. Buy a boxed version of Acme Internet Security 2011 from Amazon and type in the license code. This costs £9.99 (60% discount).
Assuming that Acme allows users to upgrade from the 2011 version to the 2012 version (which is how many vendors operate), option three would save you two thirds of the standard price.

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