Thursday 11 November 2021

Podcasting workstation management problems SOLVED!

Introducing the Advanced Podcast Platform™ from DE:CODED.

Our ingenious, hi-tech mobile podcast platform solves all of your workstation management problems.

It's all based on an MDF kitchen shelf, which allows you to clamp the mic wherever you are. But there's more to it than that!

🔴 Desk has no overhanging edges to take a clamp?

No problem with the Advanced Podcast Platform™. Clamp your mic anywhere with our advanced ClampAnywhere® technology.

🔴 Need to move your entire setup to a different room?

The Advanced Podcast Platform™ has your back!

(Just don't let your laptop slide off while you're walking...)

🔴 Too many wires and papers on your workstation?

Plonk the Advanced Podcast Platform™ down onto everything else and get on with podcasting. No more distractions!

Available at all good builder's merchants, or possibly somewhere in your kitchen.

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