Friday 6 July 2012

Howto: Hack a UK power socket to accept a European plug

This week I had some visitors from Russia. One had forgotten to bring an adapter that would allow him to plug in his laptop to the UK power supply. Luckily I knew a tip that allows you to get past this problem quite easily and (relatively) safely.

Let's first describe the equipment involved in this process:

1. A UK power socket

2. A European plug
3. A Bic biro lid
  1. Insert the prong on the Bic biro lid into the earth connector. This is the one in the middle, at the top. As you do so, this will open the shutters that protect the other connectors.
  2. Insert the European-style plug into the connectors that have now become exposed.
  3. Remove the Bic biro lid.
Follow these steps carefully, making sure to keep all conductive items (except for the plug) away from the exposed connectors. And don't forget your adapter next time.

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