Wednesday 18 March 2015

Password Reset Disk

(Part one of Three ways to recover from a forgotten Windows password)

You've forgotten your Windows password. What now?

Smug users will say, "easy, just use the Password Reset Disk," but honestly – how many normal Windows users bother to create one, let alone know that this feature exists?

If you did not already know, the Password Reset Disk is a USB (or floppy) disk containing the information required to gain access to your computer should you forget the password. You need to create this before you forget your password.

The advantage of going through the extra hassle of creating this disk is that using it allows you to regain access to your system and any files that have been encrypted by the Encrypting File System (EFS).

To regain access to your computer turn it on and, when the login screen appears, try a password. If that fails a link will appear called, "Reset password…" Click on this and the Password Reset Wizard will start. Pray you remember where you put your disk.

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