Wednesday 14 March 2012

The dangers of hidden data

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Whether it's nuclear war secrets or embarrassing photos you never thought would see the light of day, information has a way of finding its way into the wrong hands, time and time again.

In an article that covers weapons of mass destruction, nuclear submarines, formula one cars and personal photos, I examine why data is leaked and explore ways to avoid it.

The full feature is available in the latest edition of Kaspersky Labs' Secureview magazine, which is available for free to download.

There is also a bluffer's guide/Devil's Dictionary-style definition of mobile encryption in the Crib Notes page at the back of the magazine.

Secureview is usually distributed in PDF format but those fortunate enough to have attended the RSA Conference 2012 (USA) had the opportunity to pick up a printed copy from Kaspersky's stand.

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