Thursday 22 March 2012

Art critic vs. security consultant

An artist has produced an oil painting "inspired by three viruses that were in
the news at the time."

Bratsa Bonifacho’s Horty MyParty is Weird and CoolNow is a red and blue montage of letters and punctuation marks.

The characters are disfigured, disoriented and generally jumbled, although they retain their rigid position in a grid.

I suppose we might imagine an image of a computer program suffering some corruption.

Ann Rosenberg, a Vancouver-based critic and curator, wrote an article about the piece but was unable to discover information on the viruses that the work refers to:
"I have not found any evidence of them. But Googling up Horty and his putative party has been a visual treat and a mental roller-coaster."
However, Sophos' Graham Cluley has found the relevant details, stating that:
"it is apparently inspired by a number of viruses from yesteryear including VBS/Horty (which claimed to offer pornographic content of adult film star Jenna Jameson), 2002's MyParty email worm, and the CoolNow MSN Messenger worm."
Cluley acknowledges that he has less of a clue about art than viruses, though, and takes what I interpret to be a mocking tone when he says:
"Golly. What a chance I missed entering the field of computer security rather than art criticism. A layman like me wouldn't have understood that Bonifacho "communicates and expresses essentially non-verbal thoughts and emotions abstractly, within the discipline of formalism - through colour and shape, gesture and surface.." unless I had visited his website."

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