Monday 9 February 2009

Spam in the UK (part 3)

The Information Commissioner's Office has finally contacted me, seven weeks after I sent my first complaint about receiving a spam message. The email started thus:

"Thank you for your correspondence regarding emails you have received. Please accept my apologies for the delay in replying to you, our office is currently dealing with large volumes of work. This has meant that we have been unable to deal with incoming correspondence as promptly as we would like."

Unfortunately it seems that there was a problem with the report that I submitted. The ICO seems unclear whether or not my email address is a personal address or an address provided by work. There then followed lots of email explaining why this is important (which we already know).

I have my own domain name, which is rather obscure. It is possible that the ICO is used to consumers using Google Mail, Hotmail and Yahoo! email addresses, rather than having their own .com. However, when you contact the ICO you have to provide a lot of information and this process reminds you that "The regulations do not cover electronic mail marketing messages sent to businesses."

So I replied and confirmed that the spam had been sent to a personal account. I'll report any progress, assuming there is any before I die.

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