Thursday 17 March 2011

Constant testing

The last 12 months have been a time of massive development for Dennis Technology Labs.
For a start, we've had to increase the amount of lab space to accommodate many more computers due to a large increase in demand for our testing services. We've also had to hire and train a larger number of testers.
One of the reasons for this expansion is that DTL has started a program of constant testing. This means that we are now examining a range of consumer and business security programs throughout the year. One benefit of this approach is that we'll be able to monitor the dips and peaks in the effectiveness of some popular anti-virus software/services, rather than just taking a snapshot every six to 12 months.

We've also been conducting anti-virus performance testing. This is not 'performance' in terms of, "how well does it protect against threats?" but rather it is a test of an anti-virus program's impact on the speed of a PC.

Bespoke anti-virus tests continue as before, but in greater frequency and for more clients.

In addition to the regular security work that we carry out, we've also recently produced performance reports on network switches and solid state disks.

Some of the companies that we work for include Cisco; Kingston; McAfee, Symantec; Trend Micro.

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