Thursday 26 November 2009

Symantec's website hacked

One of Symantec's web servers has been compromised, according to unu123456's blog. Infosecurity reports that the site in question is a Japanese support site, which was hacked with an SQL injection attack. According to this report:

Over 70 000 customers' details were allegedly in the hacked Symantec table, although Unu said that he extracted just five samples, which were obfuscated on the website to avoid compromise. He also claims to have exposed over 152 000 product serial numbers from the hacked Symantec website.

This is not the first time that a high profile security company has suffered a potentially embarrassing hack. The very same individual claims to have compromised a Kaspersky server in February this year, while servers belonging to Trend Micro and AvSoft were also hacked in 2008. In AvSoft's case its download section actually included malware, which will have caused more than a few red faces in Delhi.

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