Sunday 23 November 2008

The Complete Internet Security Handbook 2009

If you want to keep your family safe and your data private then The Complete Internet Security Handbook 2009 is the book for you. It includes the following:

What do you want to protect?
Learn how to manage risk and provide the best protection you can for the people and things you care about the most.

Why do viruses, hackers, spam and fake bank websites exist? Discover the criminal underworld of the internet and find out how the scammers and conmen operate.

Chapter 1: Basic Desktop Protection
Take advantage of Windows' built-in security features and protect your computer for free.

Chapter 2: Viruses
Learn how to avoid viruses, recognise them when they appear and remove infections from your computer.

Chapter 3: Hackers, spies and other criminals
Prevent the bad guys on the internet from gaining control of your computer, internet connection and personal details.

Chapter 4: Spam and how to avoid it
Is your email inbox overwhelmed with annoying messages? We'll show you how to regain control and banish spam forever.

Chapter 5: Protect your child
The internet is a great educational resource, but threats abound. Ensure your kids stay safe online with our comprehensive guide.

Chapter 6: Lost and stolen
Reduce the chances of computer theft and encrypt your files to keep them private, even if they are stolen.

Chapter 7: Accidents and malfunctions
Discover the easiest way to keep your files safe and find out how to recover them if the worst happens.

Chapter 8: Personal privacy
Learn how to prevent your personal data falling into the wrong hands.

Chapter 9: Scams, fraud and hoaxes
Learn how to protect yourself against identity theft, email hoaxes and fake websites designed to steal your money.

BONUS CHAPTER: Wireless networking
They are convenient, but how safe are wireless networks? We show you how to build and bullet-proof your network.

The Complete Internet Security Handbook 2009 is available now from Borders and costs £7.99. It will also be available in WHSmiths from 27/11/2008. Amazon is currently selling it for £6.39 (as of 23/11/2008).

ISBN: 1-906372-18-7
Cover price: £7.99
Edited and (mostly) written by Simon Edwards.

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