Thursday 9 October 2008

Infected Asus Eee PCs

The desktop version of the Asus Eee PC has been sold pre-infected with a virus. According to an Asus press release [Japanese], the following models contain malware, which may attempt to steal online games usernames and passwords:

Model number: EEEBOXB202-B; UPC code: 610839761807
Model number: EEEBOXB202-W; UPC code: 610839761814
Model number: EBXB202BLK/VW161D; UPC code: 610839530526
Model number: EBXB202WHT/VW161D-W; UPC code: 610839531202
Model number: EBXB202BLK/VK191T; UPC code: 610839547753

Dancho Danchev has published more details on the Zero Day blog.

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