Thursday 31 May 2007

Desktop Blogging Software

I don't really 'do' blogging. One of the reasons is that my writing is published in a magazine and often republished on a website. There's no real reason to self-publish, and I doubt that anyone would be interested in my personal musings. I know for certain that I'm not.

However, this blog does exist. I update it using the standard Blogger web interface, which is a bit of a pain because what I see when I write it is not what I get. I usually have to edit and republish each post a few times. I'm not blaming Blogger - I probably don't know how to use it properly. The problem is, I don't care enough about blogging to learn either.

Today I received an email from Microsoft, letting me know about Windows Live Writer Beta, which lets you update your blog (Wordpress, Spaces, Blogger etc.) from a desktop application. That sounds handy for idiots like me. I've tried it. Is it any good? This post was done using it so we'll see...

Postscript: It worked fine, and the paragraph spacing is as I expected/hoped.

1 comment:

  1. Ah right, that is what Windows Live Writer is! I had wondered. Perhaps I should have taken some time to look into it...

    When I am next on Windows I will have to try it out, it sounds like a great idea.

    Thanks for sharing it :-) .