Tuesday 11 December 2012

Dennis virus lab expansion

Dennis Technology Labs has had the busiest year to date so we need to expand.

The lab is now de-constructed ready for expansion into another part of the building. This will increase  physical security while also improving the working environment for both testers and computers.

What have we done this year?

In 2012 we launched our quarterly anti-malware testing service, which has received great media coverage and plaudits from those working in an industry that is very critical of tests.

For over eight months we tested application control solutions using a brand new methodology that is both realistic and very fair. I expect to publish that report soon.

We continue to provide bespoke anti-malware effectiveness and performance testing, while building new tests including an advanced infection remediation test that is able to answer questions like, "how effectively will my anti-virus program fix an infected PC?"

Additionally we have spent a lot of energy testing security deployed in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure environments. This is a challenge because we essentially need to set up multiple enterprise-grade virtual networks. We achieved this prohibitively expensive goal using some pretty special, great-value Supermicro kit supplied by Boston.

What next?

All this work needs a pile of equipment and a group of motivated people who have great attention to detail. With this in mind we have decided to enlarge the lab, putting all of the computers in one room and most of the testers in another, quieter room.

This should make testing a more pleasant experience and, most importantly, the computers will enjoy superior air conditioning!

The lab is now dismantled and awaiting the electricians and builders. The photo below shows just some of the equipment that we've been using throughout the year. We store the testers elsewhere.

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