Friday 15 May 2009

Virus Lab upgrade

Just over two years ago we put together our first purpose-built anti-virus testing lab. We're now upgrading it so that we can test more security products in less time - and expose them to more threats.

The new lab will be three times larger and will be relocated to its own secure basement lab space, with air conditioning and full-height rack-mounting facilities.

We've just received delivery of the desktop PCs that will be used as target systems i.e. their future involves myriad virus infections and hacker attacks. The KVMs and a new server arrived a week ago so the next step is to start wiring it all up and test the network.


  1. Rock and roll! I was already impressed with your original rig; this looks even more grown up!

  2. Glad you like it. We might add some Macs soon...

  3. how is it that an independent lab would display the Norton thinks me smells a foulness here. Get a REAL life and pull Synmatec out your mouth.

  4. So, how is it that you are independent yet financed by Norton? Gee, and we wonder why they scored the best, huh. (rhetorical)

  5. Re: Financed by Norton.

    The Dennis Technology Lab is part of Dennis Publishing Ltd, which is a privately owned media company. We do research for security vendors including Symantec (which produces the Norton range of software). These companies pay us for our services, obviously.

    If we were biased we'd only get business from one company, but this is not the case.

  6. Re: Norton logo

    The Norton logo is visible because I am showing a screenshot of a video we produced at Symantec's threat response centre. Had we shot it at Trend Micro or McAfee's offices there may well be their logos in that place.